Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cafe Noriter in Dumaguete

Noriter in Korean means playground. This is apparent in the playful design of Cafe Noriter.

The interior palette--from the comfy chair to the wooden toys hanging from the ceiling to the knick knacks on display-- evokes a ball of childlike energy.  

This used to be my favorite "happy" place in small university town Dumaguete until for some reasons, the magic just wore off.

 It has remained photogenic all these years except that some decors have seen better days.

The service is not really first-rate but I should say that the food that I have ordered during the countless times I was there tasted good. And then, if it helps, the serving is generous especially the Korean dishes. Bolgogi has been my favorite!

With the big serving, it goes without saying that the price is on the hefty side in Dumaguete standards. Oh, well.

 Wifi is complimentary. There are internet kiosks in the ground floor and an internet cafe at the second floor.

Noriter opens late in the morning until late into the night. It closes at 11pm.

Cafe Noriter in Dumaguete City is located in San Jose Street. Just a block from Lee Plaza or Sans Rival Bistro.


  1. Wow! I didn't know Cafe Noriter is also in Dumaguete. The one in La Salle Taft area is a popular student hangout, too :)

    1. noriter in dumaguete is the mother of noriter near DLSU :D

  2. Napuntahan ko to!!! It's smaller than the one in Manila pero mas gusto ko vibe dito :3

    1. though it has gradually lost its charm, the k pop vibe is still there :D


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