Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kookoo's Nest cottages and private beach in Antulang Peninsula, Tambobo Bay, Negros

sunset alert in Antulang, Siaton, Oriental Negros, The Philippines
A few paddles away from the beautiful Tambobo Bay in Siaton, Oriental Negros are tropical cottages with a private beach.

Tambobo Bay is a haven for yachts. Some of these yachts have traveled halfway across the world. Photo lifted from Kookoo's Nest site.
A quick descent toward the beach, five adorable golden retrievers (with cute names like Daisy and Barney) greeted me and my team. Brit owners Jamie and Nikki were there as well to meet my group.

I had a quick look at all the charming cottages where my team will spend the night.  

The penultimate favorite cottage is the one perched on top a boulder at the far end of the property. The big balcony opens to a nice view of the sea.

from Kookoo's Nest site:
Our cottages are built of bamboo and other native materials, and are roofed with nipa palm leaves. The result is a light, airy room that is perfect for our tropical climate. Although mosquitoes aren't much of a problem here, we do provide a mosquito net over each bed, just to be sure. 
We have five cottages in sizes to accommodate your needs
Toko — The Toko (local name for the gecko lizard) cottage is perched on top of an enormous boulder at the end of our beach. It is a romantic cottage for two and has a balcony with an outstanding panoramic view of the beach and out to sea.Library --- Above the book swap and lending library, it has a double bed on the lower floor with room for a “put-you-up” bed, and another double bed in the top floor loft. It has a Shared bathroom.Hibiscus — Built amongst the rocks and flowering hibiscus above our private beach, the Hibiscus cottage is equipped with one double bed and one single bed. This cottage has a beautiful elevated terrace with a great view of the beach. It has a private bathroom.Driftwood —The Driftwood cottage is on the beach. It has a large bedroom with a double bed, and a terrace on the first floor (elevated above the ground for a better view). The second floor loft also has a double bed and great view out to sea. It is perfect for a family with active children or two couples, and has its own private bath room attached.Kingfisher — Kingfisher is our largest, beach cottage, with a spacious balcony. It has one double bed and an en-suite bath room downstairs, with two single beds in the second floor loft.

And my most favorite is the cottage called the Library.

Located just above the resort's library and very close to the restaurant, it has two double beds. One on the first floor and one at the loft.

I stayed at the loft and I dig the view up there! The sea breeze lulled me to sleep for the rest of the afternoon. I never had such a good sleep in decades! No kidding! For only P850.00 for 2 pax/P150 for extra person, the accommodation was just perfect for my budget.

There's wifi (P100 for 24 hours) and staying very close to the restaurant where the wifi router (methinks) is located makes surfing straight from my bed very convenient. With online work to do, I just needed to stay connected.

My students were raving about the ice cream and I planned to get a scoop (P50) but I missed the chance. Though the food was not the best, the warm personality of the staff and the kind owners made up for it.

I will definitely be back to stay longer and will probably kayak to Tambobo Bay.

Kookoo's Nest can reached by public transportation.
By Ceres Bus (P50.00/pax) in Dumaguete Bus Terminal near Robinson's. Travel time is 50 minutes. Alight at the junction in the boundary between Zamboanguita and Siaton. Just inform the condoktor to drop you off in Antulang. Transfer to a habal-habal  (P150 is the usual rate) to Kookoo's Nest.

Kookoo's Nest can be reached by these contact numbers:
+63 - 919 - 695 - 8085
+63 - 926 - 708 - 1188

or e-mail: and

Kookoo's Nest is located in Antulang Peninsula, Tambobo Bay, Siaton, Oriental Negros, The Philippines


  1. I just love the serenity of this resort. I love the bed and the feel of it too. Just as i see from quaint distant memory of films, these photos are awesome!

    parang gusto ko na pumunta dito!

    1. halika ka na Doc Wends. Maganda mag muni-muni dito. hihi

  2. Your last foot photo looks a little creepy RV! :D

    1. deliciously creepy, Rob. ginawang sea urchin sashimi yan pagkatapos :D

  3. AWESOME photos beef!... i love it!... Pls. Pls. do take me there... as in sa October na gyud dayun hap?!... :)

    1. thanks, beef. sure na ha kay akong e book karon dayun :D

  4. hi RV,

    Thanks for this post.

    How many people can the Library Cottage accommodate? is it too small for a group of 6?


  5. hi James, it can accommodate 4 people: 2 downstairs and 2 at the attic.


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