Wednesday, July 18, 2012

One Claypot House (boutique) Restaurant in Cebu

Claypot to me conjures an image of an Asian rice bowl--flavorful rice, it's aroma made richer by chicken and pork plus the right serving of Chinese sausages.

I was not wrong.

While I was walking around the neighborhood in search of a large Slurpee (apparently the second 7 Eleven store at the corner is still under construction), an artsy (I am always drawn to small spaces with an artsy vibe to it) hole-in-the-wall but tastefully decorated (with an IKEA flavor) presented itself. My curiosity got the best of me so I stepped in to find out.

This newly opened restaurant in uptown Cebu, aptly called One Claypot House, offers dishes from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines as written on the signage outside.

I checked the menu but as it turned out, it's a bit hefty for my budget. If there was Singapore-style Hainanese chicken rice in the menu, I would have definitely ordered it without skipping a beat.

It was a quiet Tuesday night when I came in and there was no diner in sight. So, I grabbed the opportunity to take photos of the tastefully decorated interior.

I was drawn to the crystal chandelier that hovers above the long dining table. Together with the black furniture, it is elegant at best and creates the impression of being a pricey restaurant. But the raw long timber table and the green grass on a paper bag as centerpiece adds contrast and a more casual feel. An Andy Warhol-esque inspired black and white photo montage adds drama to the bare white wall.

 Next time I swing by this place, definitely not solo, I will try the best on offer!

One Claypot House is located at No. 68 Don Gil Garcia Street, Capitol Site, Cebu City.
Opening Hours: Mondays to Saturdays (closed on Sundays) from 10 A.M. till 10 P.M.
For reservations, call: +63908-2791498.


  1. Okay. I was surprised when I saw the facade. It looks like a karinderya from the outside. But the interior looks reaaaaaaaally nice.

    Would've loved to read about the food though so I hope you do come back. :D

    1. i will be in Cebu in a few days. i will definitely check out the food. i heard it's good daw! :)


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