Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bouchon Restaurant in Valencia, Oriental Negros

my life in Valencia (and Dumaguete City, Oriental Negros) series

I got restless. With no place to go, I plopped myself on bed. But faster than I could say French dessert, Bouchon (pronounced boo-shawn) Restaurant came to mind!

This new French restaurant in Valencia is located very close by, just along the road to Forest Camp. I grabbed the camera and hied off to the restaurant.

To my surprise, the guard on duty remembered me as the guy who drove two clueless guests last Monday. But as luck would not have it, my guests and I didn't have our desserts as it was closed!

I have good memories of sinfully delicious but reasonably-priced French pastries at Macaron Tango Cafe in Cebu. So, three days ago, after dinner, I tagged along two of my guests to check out the dessert at this new French resto called Bouchon. As it turned, it is closed every Monday (rest day). We ended up in Sans Rival for cakes and Gabby's Bistro for ice cream. 

Anyhow, this time around, I succeeded. I moved passed the gate and walked toward the hallway where a staff with a ready smile welcomed me. Friendly and attentive! By the time I was seated, another staff handed me a steamed towel. I was totally impressed! When was the last time I had this kind of five star service? I told the waitress what I came for--their dessert.

Pineapple flambe sounded tempting. But the sound of chocolate fondant was more appealing. Twenty minutes serving time, she said.  I told her I can wait. In the best way she can, she went on detailing how the dessert is prepared.

While waiting, I was given complimentary bread sticks from the chef. It has cured meat at the tip.

 I took photos here and there.

 My order arrived.

 Just kidding! These photos I lifted from the restos own facebook page. Makes me hungry! I should try all these next payday!

Here's my order:

I relished every moment the fondant touches my tongue, every drop of the chocolate, every grain of sugar. Even the cashew crumb! Hahaha. You know what I mean? (it's priced at Php195.00 for crying out loud!, including service charge).

I heard they have good value for money weekend buffet. Php500.00. Worth trying! Or prepare at least Php1,000.00 for a full course menu (rather on the hefty side in Dumaguete standards):

 The wine selection

Bouchon Restaurant is located in:
Tejero Road, West Balabag
Valencia, Oriental Negros
6215 Philippines

telephone number: (035) 522.0169
mobile: 0927.673.2272


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