Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mifune Japanese Restaurant in Dumaguete

 my life in Valencia (and Dumaguete City, Oriental Negros) series

It's a Japanese Restaurant, alright.

But no kimono-clad women to greet you, no seiza-style seating. Instead, rows of tables with monobloc chairs, an open kitchen and waitstaff in red polo shirts will welcome you. 

It's more of a carenderia ambiance and I immediately like it (probably the reason why it's called Mifune Bar and Food instead of "restaurant")! No pretensions, no elaborate rituals. Just good food and pleasant company. One of the reasons why I heart Dumaguete!

My group and I were the first to arrive. By past 6pm, diners started to trickle in.

I skipped the soup and went straight to the wasabi and calamansi bowl

... and had some of these sushi rolls or nigiri. Nigiri is a kind of sushi where a slice of raw fish is placed on top an oblong, compacted mound of rice. I dunked this on my wasabi and soy sauce dip. Yum!

And these ebi fry or fried shrimps, too. It tasted uninspired though.

I scooped a little helping from this bowl of cucumber, lettuce and tomato

I wouldn't miss these maki for the world, of course! These are futo-maki or seaweed rolls filled with fish. The one with sesame seeds is called ura-maki. Yum!  

This Japanese guy holding a chopstick, in his big gesture, motioned me to take a photo of him and the guy beside him, to which I obliged. As it turned out, his companion named Naga (the one wearing a baseball cap) owns the place.

And as they say, the best form of advertising is a satisfied customer. Hands up, please!

round one

round two

round three! burp :)

Party of four? Here's for your group

Mifune has this party sushi package, too.


The Php299.00 buffet happens every Friday and Saturday only.

Mifune Food and Bar (Japanese Restaurant) is located along Sta. Catalina Street in Dumaguete City. Just very close to Jutz Cafe. For inquiries, contact them: telephone number (035) 422.8439


  1. wow. 299 eat all you can na sushi. natakam ako bigla

    1. unimaginable price tag in Manila, Ivan :)

  2. Php 299 for an all you can eat buffet! But then I have to fly to Dumaguete. I'll keep the Mifune in mind in case I visit Dumaguete in the future.

  3. sana may ganyan sa manila.P299? at gusto ko yung ambiance ng place hindi intimidating...usually kasi places that serve japanese food ay high end.

    1. normal lang talaga ang mahal sa Maynila. quadruple the price na minsan if compared sa presyo dito sa DUmaguete

  4. visit Dumaguete soon! a lot of good places (with budget prices) to eat here

  5. The price may sound appealing, but it's not really worth the money. The sushi and sashimi spread is limited, and not that fresh, at that.

    Perhaps I had a bad day. I'll try the buffet again one of these days, but their ala carte seection (and quality) is much better.

  6. The Mifune - Japanese Restaurant is semi renovated... And: the prizes still the same! take a look on


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