Saturday, September 1, 2012

moving to a new crib on a blue moon

*life in Dumaguete (and Valencia, Oriental Negros) series 

Wabi-sabi is a Japanese aesthetic which means the art of finding beauty in imperfection. I add "wasabi" to it by breathing new life to an otherwise junk stuff here at the campus.

I've been moving rooms here countless times! This time, it looks long term (say 2.5 years? haha) at the renovated Teachers' Cottage. After my domestic travel for 6 months, I am flat broke so I can only cough up for an Ikea table lamp on sale and a P99.00 Chinese lantern for an added kawawa effect. Everything else, I drag from the stock room.

There were bundles of vinyl blinds lying on the storage room floor. I got one for the only window in my room. It doesn't really have that snug fit but it adds quiet elegance to an otherwise drab jalousie window.

I found an unused bunk bed stair and reincarnated it as towel rack. I was planning to use bamboo but I threw effort out of the window since school started. The inspiration I picked up from one of the resorts I saw in Bali, Indonesia.

The clothes organiser makes my room appear like a rundown ready-to-wear shop. It was actually a shoe rack in its past life. It bars the bathroom door from closing but I love how it makes imperfection appear beautifully jarring.

I found this metal motorbike in Unitop. I just had to bring it home. I collect miniature motorbikes by the way. 

It's just a 4m by 3.5m room (excluding the toilet and bath). Cozy at it's best. And best of all, it's easy to clean!

By the way, this is my bedside table. It's actually a foldable chair.

And if you ask me if this is how my room looks like every single day, the answer is a downright NO.This is just for pictorial purposes. Next cleaning schedule is at month's end. 


  1. I really like your room. So neat. =)

    1. I like your cozy, little place where everything seems to be within arm's reach. I am getting on in years, I need to save my energy any which way I can LOL.

    2. prepping for a studio unit ng isang condo, BertN? hehe

  2. ang cute ng room mo!very minimalistic and I am trying to imagine,panu magkakasya yung mga gamit?I mean,asan yung iba?So I am assuming na nasa ilalaim ng kama?hahaha.But I love the shoe rack aka clothes organizer.It certainly adds a classic appeal to the place.Yun nga lang,dina masara completely yung door ng CR,meaning,if you have a visitor there,madali kalang ma boso-han.hahaha.nice!

    1. minimalistic din naman ako. hahaha. kaya, wala masyadong abobot. haha. okay lang din yong mamboboso, wala naman siyang makukuha sa akin. wag lang pictures or video. hahaha

    2. salamat Antonio and kita kits sa MassKara 2012!


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