Sunday, September 23, 2012

when the going gets tough, the tough gets to pig out (at Neva's pizza, pasta atbp!)

my life in Valencia (and Dumaguete City, Oriental Negros) series

Tough week at work! My team tried to control the "fire" by taking time off  and did yoga at the dance hall. We were off to a good start when the inevitable happened. To cut the story short, we drove downtown to do man vs. food!

the traditional wood-fired brick oven at Neva's Pizza

Everyone agreed to have Neva's House Specialty (Php228 plus Php10 for extra olive oil). It's an 11 inch pizza baked in the traditional wood-fired brick oven with a long list of toppings: pineapple, bell pepper, pepperoni, beef, mushroom, olives and mozzarella cheese. The hint of wood in the pizza made it a foodie's delight!

the hint of wood in the pizza sealed the deal for Neva's to stay at the top my dirt-priced food porn list!

My preference for pizza is something very close to le quattro stagioni or four seasons  thin-crust with heaps of olives and olive oil which is only available (as far as I know) at Idea Italia-La Tegola in Cebu. It has ham, antichokes, mushrooms and olives. Yum!

The Neva's House Specialty Pizza is the closest  I can get here in Dumaguete.

It took a while before the orders arrived. We didn't mind since we got ourselves busy processing what happened. The thin-crust pizza arrived and it was gone faster than we can say inner peace!

My default comfort food--tuna al pesto (Php68)--actually arrived ahead of the pizza.

The pesto was bursting with fragrance but not overpowering to the palate. Just perfect. The tuna would have been more appetizing if it was in flakes. Cheese was generous. The pasta though was not as al dente as it is supposed to be.

 There are three steps to resolve conflicts.
1. Assess
2. Process
3. Respond

Between Process (2) and Respond (3), there's always a room for fellowship and food porn to clear out the clouds in the head.

Now, it's time to go down from the ivory tower and respond!


outside Neva's

a burloloy hanging inside the pizzeria

a gallon in its new role

beauty tips?:D

al fresco dining at the ground floor. AC at the 2nd floor.

All is well now. Next time the pressure cooker sounds off, we already know what to do. *burp* excuse me.

Neva's Pizza, Pasta Atbp is located in Hibbard Avenue corner Amigo Subdivision, Piapi, Dumaguete City. It's open daily from 9:00am-10:00pm.
Telephone number: (035) 226.2580.

*There was a credit card machine in the counter so I asked the cashier if they accept credit or debit card payments. The answer is yes.

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  1. Can't wait to go back to this lovely city. :p


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