Monday, September 17, 2012

World Fitness Gym in Dumaguete City

my life in Valencia (and Dumaguete City, Oriental Negros) series

When I settled here four years ago, I was hoping I could find a gym that had the same gold standard in fitness training when I was in Cebu.

There was news that Clark Hatch Gym would soon open in Robinson's Place Dumaguete. That kept me excited for a while. As it turned out, it was just hearsay. 

It was frustrating to look around for a decent fitness gym. Until I stumbled upon the gym beside Lee Plaza. Not really close to what I have in mind, but okay ra. The area was cramped and the "please bring a separate shoes for gym" restriction was irrelevant. Left with no choice, I worked out there for some time.

Eventually, I decided to quit and tried several fitness gym in the city-- the one at Perdices Stadium (funky smell all over), the fitness gym behind a supermarket in Bagacay (the overweight instructor seemed to have no idea on what he was doing) and the fitness gym on top a high-rise (at least in Dumaguete standards) building.

I seemed to have settled at the last one until news went around that a new gym just opened near Silliman campus. I wasted no time in checking out the place.

I worked out for 3 months and left the city. Just recently, I came back. Only one of the instructors from last year stayed. The others moved to another gym. So far, it's been good.  The equipment are in tip top shape and the staff are nice.

Regular rate is Php1,000.00 plus a one-time membership fee of Php500.00. Students pay Php800.00/month. There are dance, tae-bo and martial arts classes but with a separate fee.

World Fitness is located in 3rd floor of Portal West Building, Silliman University, Dumaguete City.
telephone number: (035) 421.2495


  1. What time do you usually work out? I worked out there too, but on and off.

    1. i usually work out after work. between 6pm to closing. see you there :D

  2. hi, are they open at 4am? or 5am? pls reply, i need this one; had a hectic schedule.

  3. World Fitness is a quality gym

    The weight machines are well maintained and the place is clean. Membership is inexpensive and the location is convenient to Dumaguete proper as it’s next to Silliman’s campus. The staff and the people who work out there are polite. Everyone yields space as the various machines and weights get pretty heavy use in the afternoon when I head over for some gym time.


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