Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Taco Surf Sushi and Steak Bar, Hayahay

Taco Surf Sushi and Steak Bar carries the ambiance of Lab-as Restaurant (just next door) but with a backpacker pipe dream. Chairs are padded with geometric motif in turquoise and aquamarine. Framed movie posters and other surfing-themed artworks adorn the wall clad in wood.

capacity: The bar is long enough to sit ten people while the tables could accommodate twice as much. Behind the bar, another room can sit more diners.

food: This joint offers sushi, taco and steak.

First to arrive was the flame-torched nigiri.

 Then, a dish aptly called dynamite.
 oyster tempura is next
 taco with fish and veggie filling
 and the best part: wagyu steak!!!
 U|TOWN Magazine editorial team

Taco Surf Sushi and Steak Bar
address: Flores Avenue, Dumaguete City (Hayahay Area)
contact number: 0928 326 2073

recommended: wagyu steak, fish taco and torched nigiri
hours: 5pm to 1am

*sponsored meal for U|Town Magazine

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