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Sinulog 2013 photo contest general info, rules and code of ethics

In a few weeks, it's going to be the country's grandest mardi gras once more! Sinulog 2013! Photographers (hobbyist and pros alike) from all over the country will share equal space with the hope of capturing that award-winning photo. And if all odds will be in the photographer's favor, it will be a whooping Php100,000.00 grand prize money! 

Here are the rules/guidelines of the Sinulog Photography Contest 2013:


1. The photography contest is open to all amateur and professional photographers who will register with the Sinulog Foundation during the prescribed registration period for SINULOG PHOTO CONTEST 2013

2. Official entry forms / Registration for photo contest participants will open December 16, 2012 at the Sinulog Foundation, Inc. office at 9:00 A.M – 5:00 P.M

3. Deadline of registration will be on January 19, 2013 at 5:00 P.M

4. Registration Fee is One Thousand Pesos (P 1,000.00). Registration fee covers a competition ID allowing access to most Sinulog 2013 activities plus ten (10) entries of (5R) photographs. An additional thirty five pesos (P 35.00) will be charged for every maximum of thirty (30) extra entries is allowed per contestant. Each participant will be issued an ID number that will be used in identifying the Photographers upon submission of the entries. In case of disqualification, registration fees and entry fees are not refundable.

5. This year, there are two Modes of Picture Take being considered.
• Film Category – Any analog camera film size / format can be used, as long as the final entry must be a printed (5”x7”)
• Digital Category – Digitals Cameras that are capable of taking Raw Format Files, APS format cameras are eligible, printed 5R (5”X7”)

6. Photo Contest Categories – all activities involving SINULOG 2013.
a) Contingent – competing or guest participants of SINULOG 2013 Grand Parade on January 20, 2013. Picture must be group dancing and SINULOG and not of a solo dancer.
b) Fluvial and Solemn Procession – January 19, 2013, the miraculous image is sea borne along the coasts of Mandaue and Lapu-Lapu cities while the Solemn Procession passes thru the principal streets of Cebu City.
c) Float / Higante and Puppeteers – January 20, 2013 of Float, Higante and Puppeteers must include the whole structure and not the personalities on board the float. Float, Puppeteers, and Higante shots should include the carrier inside the contraption.
d) Décor / Arch and Sidelights – These pictures may be taken anytime (day or night) of arches and décor set up for Sinulog 2013. Sidelights are human interest pictures taken in the parade route on SINULOG day or in any day taken during the SINULOG week.
e) Festival Queen – Photo to be taken while subject is dancing during SINULOG 2013 Festival Queen on January 18, 2013.

7. Deadline for submission of Photo – entries will be on Friday, January 23, 2013 at 5:00 P.M

8. Final entries shall be submitted as un-mounted 5”x7” Photo Print. In must be in an envelope with the corresponding SINULOG 2013 photo competition ID number only. All 5”x7” (5R) Chemistry-based print Photo entries must be accompanied in a separate envelope by:

a) If taken in digital format, the corresponding Raw File (e.g. NEF, CRW, etc.) in CD format with the name of the photographer and the ID number on the CD and covering on the envelope.
b) If APS, the whole magnetic strip must be surrendered with the photographers name and ID number on the film case and on the envelope.
c) If Analog, the corresponding negative / transparency in an envelope with the photographers name and ID number.

9. Entries must be candid shots: not deliberately posed. Although some degree of effort can be done in posing your subjects (the dancers, candle vendors, etc.) we however discourage photographers to bring their own models around for the parade like one would do on a photo assignment.

10. Identifying marks, signs and address to insinuate in formation of ownership is strictly prohibited on the photo assignment.

11. Judging of the Photo Contest will be on January 24, 2013.

12. Decision of the designated Board of Judges shall be final and unappealable.

13. Awarding of Prizes to Winner will be on January 26, 2013.

1. Each contest must have a minimum of ten (10) contestants in order to declare a valid contest. If entries are less than (10) that category will be declared “NO CONTEST” and prizes are reverted to the foundation.
2. Photo must be taken from the actual events during the SINULOG 2013 celebration in Cebu City. Pictures of any Sinulog celebration or any other festival in other places and venues and in previous years will not be allowed and would be immediately disqualified.
3. All entries must be submitted on or before January 23, 2013 with its duly accomplished forms. Photographers taken in digital from must be accompanied with the propriety Raw format (e.g. NEF, CRW etc.) digital file in CD format. Film negative, APS magnetic files must be surrendered to the Sinulog Foundation, Inc. office at the Cebu City Sports Center. Non attachment of these requirements would mean immediate disqualification.
4. Any digital manipulation tool (e.g. cut & paste, healing, etc.) that is not applicable/ do able in the printing process from an analog media (film), shall mean immediate disqualification of the entry. Post production like exposure control (dodge and burn); color saturation (control); creative cropping are all do able when you print from a negative. Even conversion to black and white color toning (sepia, blue, selenium, etc) as long as it’s done across the frame and not only in selected areas is acceptable.
5. All finalists and winning entries shall become the exclusive property of Sinulog Foundation, Inc. and can not be reproduced nor printed for publication without the permission of the Foundation. The photographer may not use the photographs or variants of the same composition in any other purpose except for his personal portfolio. Corresponding compensation shall also be accorded the owner of the photo of winning entries.
6. The royalty of the photographer shall not apply every time Sinulog Foundation, Inc. should use the photos in the promotion and management of the Sinulog Festival. Other than that, Terms and Conditions of Intellectual Property Rights Law shall apply. Photographers will be given photo credits every time applicable.
7. Judging of entries is scheduled on January 24, 2013. Winners will be published in local dailies in due time with the date and venue of awarding of trophies and prizes.
8. The decision of the Board of Judges is final and applicable.

1. Being a Sinulog photo contest participants does not extend any special privileges as free entrance to any private event, nor does it entitle the photographer to any special VIP seating or placement.
2. Proper decorum and behavior is required all Sinulog photo contest participants. Please do not disrupt any mass proceedings, processions or other solemn events.
3. During the Sinulog Grand Street Parade on January 20, 2013. Sinulog photo contest participants must wear their official ID’s in their neck lines. ID’s must be visible at all time when photographer is within the Sinulog dance route. Failure to wear the ID will result immediate confiscation of the ID, immediate exit from the dance route and possible disqualification from the contest.
4. Furthermore on January 20, 2013, Sinulog photo contest participants must wear the Sinulog Photographers vest or shirt provided by the Sinulog Foundation. Failure to wear the ID will result immediate confiscation of the ID, immediate exit from the dance route and possible disqualification from the contest.
5. Photographers who have assistants with them are required to apply for an official Sinulog photo contest ID fro their assistants as well one ID is good for 1 person. Registration fee for assistants is same at P1000.00
6. Sinulog Photo contest photographers are not allowed to disrupt or interrupt the flow of the street dance. Failure to wear the ID will result immediate confiscation of the ID, immediate exit from the dance route and possible disqualification from the contest.
7. Registration fee will not be refunded to any Sinulog photo contest participants whose IDs have been confiscated.

NOTE: For more particulars, please address your inquiry to Sinulog Foundation, Inc located at Cebu City Sports Center, R.R Landon St., Cebu City or call Tel. Nos. 254-5010/ 253-3700 and 4846

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