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the crown jewel of Sulu Sea: Danjugan Island Marine Reserve

Holiday cheer from Danjugan Island Marine Reserve! 

Danjugan Island is located in Negros, Southern Philippines. There are flights from Manila to Bacolod or Dumaguete, both cities are in Negros Island. For cheap flights, book at flighthub.

this photo was taken in the windswept hills of Santa Catalina, long after my overdose of the Danjugan Island experience! :)

Like a cinematic opening from a season premiere of Survivor reality show, the outrigger boat moved swiftly toward a beach called Typhoon Beach just in time for the resident eagle (which hovered a while back) to land on its nest on top the tallest tree in the island!

Danjugan Island, a marine reserve, is a deserted island that would easily fit the bill as the next location of the reality show Survivor.  Aside from the eagle, there is also a resident hawk, bats in thousands and snakes among other species. In certain time of the year, baby sharks go near the shore to catch some sun!

This is Turtle Beach. According to guide Manong Ruben, is named after the sea turtles that would lay their eggs here:

Here is Manong Ruben giving me an orientation before the 3-hour marine reserve tour took off:

Danjugan has a total of 200 hectares land-sea protected area! A ginormous feat for the caretaker! A variety of endemic flora and fauna thrive in the marine reserve. There are three beautiful natural lagoons in the island, too! Perfect for a kayaking adventure!

The dining area at the edge of the 4th Lagoon. There is a yacht somewhere.

Spartan but comfy sleeping quarters:

Bat cave:

By the way, there is no electricity and water supply in the island. There's a generator though. Fresh water supply is hauled from the mainland. To save on water and also to prevent future sanitation problem, an eco-toilet has already been installed! For those who are not yet comfy using such a toilet, don't fret, the island still has several conventional toilets available for guests to use.

Two summers ago, a proposal for a marine camp in Danjugan Island actually landed in my lap. My colleague Ann has a friend who works with Philippine Reef and Rainforest Conservation Foundation-- the group manning the island. But due to budget constraints, we shelved the project. Late this year, Gringo informed me that the island was in need of volunteers! I would have grabbed the chance if not for my busy schedule at the school where I teach.

In a twist of fate, I couldn't believe that I was already in the island, basking in its natural beauty! For diving enthusiasts, Japanese shipwrecks that went down during World War II are just nearby daw!

Danjugan Island with her immense beauty under and above water deserve to be called the crown jewel of Sulu Sea!

Here are the rates:
*Price: Php 1,750* per person
*Food. Lunch and 2 snacks
*Boat transfers. From the mainland (Bulata) to the island and back
*Trekking & Snorkelling Guide.
*Unlimited use of kayak. First come, first serve basis.
*Conservation Fee. Each guest contributes to the management and protection of the marine reserves and sanctuaries.
*Price: Php 2,750* per person per night
*Accommodation. See accommodation & facilities section for description
*Food. 3 main meals and 2 snacks per day
*Boat transfers. From the mainland to the island and back
*Boat tour. Go around the island on your the first day
*Trekking & Snorkelling Guide.
*Unlimited use of kayak. First come, first serve basis.
*Conservation Fee. Each guest contributes to the management and protection of the marine reserves and sanctuaries.
*Prices are subject to change.
Kids 5-12 years old are half priced. Kids aged 4 years below are free of charge.

Contact information:
Philippine Reef and Rainforest Conservation Foundation, Inc.
Room MK14a, Art District, Lopue’s Mandalagan
Bacolod City 6100, Philippines
Tel No: +63 34 4416010

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