Friday, January 25, 2013

busy January

I've been stealthily slashing deadlines with my quick ninja moves the whole January!  For the whole month, the sky, an endless drab of a blanket sheet didn't help.  

Luce Auditorium | Silliman University, Dumaguete City

 First to chop off was the Dumaguete Fiesta Magazine where I contributed stories on food, shopping and the backstory on Rizal Boulevard.

Tacosurf, Hayahay Treehouse and Bar

Graduate school came into the picture. Papers, reports and readings here and there.

Then, there's the commemorative coffee table book Handulantaw (for the 50th anniversary of the Culture and Arts Committee of Silliman University) where I contributed photos (more on architectural photography) of different performing and visual arts venues at Silliman.

The bed weather made me look at architectural photography in a new light. Why not shoot under the rain or at night to create a different mood? And that's exactly what I did. Starting off with the university's landmark: Claire Isabelle Mcgill Luce Auditorium

Next week, I will take photos of the End House or the house of legendary Albert Faurot where the dean of the College of Performing & Visual Arts (COPVA) Dean Dr. Susan Suarez and her family presently resides.

And then, there's the shoot at the catacomb underneath Silliman Church. I need volunteer-models for this shoot to make it appear like a scene in Dead Poet's Society. 

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