Friday, January 18, 2013

Holidays Abroad: Top Tips for Keeping Costs Low

Making ends meet each month can be a challenge at times. Budgeting for the little luxuries in life has most definitely become a necessity for many in recent years, but with a little planning not all the finer things in life have to be sacrificed. 

After a full year of slogging hard at work, a little break in the sun is definitely deserved. Not everyone's pocket can stretch to low cost long haul escapes, but cheap holidays to Gran Canaria or any of the Canary and Balearic Islands, could well be on the cards. The key is knowing how to keep costs low.

  •         Plan in advance. Many people book their break from three to nine months before they fly. Book before this to bag any early bird discounts.
  •         Be spontaneous. If you've left it too late to benefit from early bird deals, last minute bargains can still save you a chunk off your final holiday balance. Look at deals from six weeks before you fly.
  •         Get tech savvy. Book your holiday online. Start your search on discounted holiday websites, where the lowest price packages are often found.
  •          Be flexible. Holiday prices vary from day to day. When looking online to book your holiday, search several days surrounding your preferred departure date. Sometimes moving your break back just 48 hours can reduce the cost of your package.
  •         Break the mould. Many people prefer to travel to their destination in the early hours. You can potentially knock hundreds off the cost of your holiday by choosing seats on an evening or late afternoon flight.
  •          Avoid the crowds. Give peak season a miss and choose to travel in term time, if possible.

Look online for 2013 cheap holidays to Gran Canaria and other short haul destinations. Plan in advance and make the most of your own tailored cost efficient payment plan.

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