Saturday, January 12, 2013

home of the savory crêpe in town | East West Cafe Cebu

The Walk at Cebu Asiatown I.T. Park still feels like The Village (c.2000) sans the blaring music pumping from Fuel and Yo! Latino. Mid-rise office and condominium buildings now occupy what used to be the wide stretch of the old Lahug Airport runway. Across the road, the area where epic foam parties were held, is still left vacant as if to remind me 13 years were only yesterday. 

red velvet crepe with cottage cheese filling! heaven on a plate. yum!

My recent visit in The Walk reminds me a lot of year 2000. Fresh out of college and within a few months, got my first job in advertising. The recklessness of youth peppered with the high-strung energy of my young colleagues meant endless parties! reporting to work the next day with a bad hangover clinging inside our heads.

the newly renovated interior of East West Cafe in Cebu IT Park

Those years reminded me as well of my first bite of crêpe--the very thin pancake with French origin. Soft with sweet and elaborate filling that perfectly burst in the roof of my mouth.

the savory apple-cashew crepe

Who can resist the new twist? Green tea crepe with mango, vanilla ice cream, almond and drizzled with butterscotch sauce!

And this mango sushi crepe: rolled mango crepe in a bed of mango-sago pearl sauce, served with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with, yes, butterscotch sauce!

 There's more! The new favorite double-fried Korean-style friend chicken:

The chorizo + shitake mushroom pasta is food porn at its finest!

The past is a different country, alright. They do things quite differently there. But if there's one spot in the past that I would like to revisit again and again, because it reminds me of a life with no cares and worries, one of which would be the sheer joy and comfort sitting at a table while burying my fork in a savory crepe and that moment of delight when the crepe melts in my mouth. It was a time between naivete and jadedness. The world then was reckless yet calm and delicious.
East West Cafe in Cebu
Address: The Walk, Asiatown I.T. Park, Cebu City, Cebu, 6000
Phone:(032) 415 8058

Thank you Hendri Go! Cheers!


  1. ooohh i remember the village! twas the party place in the middle of nowhere hahahaha... and east west had a branch there too. i love their mango sushi crepe.

    1. the happy place of our generation, Lakbay E. :D


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