Sunday, January 27, 2013

licking my pinky at Pinky's sweets

It's a fairly new pastry shop along Real Street, squeezed in between the provincial hospital and YMCA. Fellow foodie and laagan Neil Lim's post in facebook about this new pastry shop (how delightful the food and how insanely cheap the prices are) piqued my curiosity.

It was late into the night when I came in. The earth tone color scheme of the interior set the mood for a warm and calm evening while patches of rain moistened everything outside. 

What caught my attention was the chocolate chips (P50) drink with the cool cucumber and malungay slush (P35) trying to distract my attention. 

Process of elimination: I want chocolate. So, delete anything without choco on it. Easy does it. Then, being a cheesecake person, I ordered one with blueberry. The brownies behind the glass looked so tempting I just had to try them too.

In a little less than 15 minutes, my orders arrived. Service was smooth and efficient. I started with the cheesecake. 

It tasted rather on the bland side with more on Knox-like gelatin consistency than the rich-soft texture and creaminess of cheese. The crust was crisp but lacking in volume and hint of butter.   

I took a sip of my chocolate chips drink. My sweet tooth threw a fit (even after mixing it well) and didn't finish it. 

Then, the rocky road brownie that would soon hit the spot!

It's a little crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside. To me, its flavor evoked that moment when everything good and sweet in my life flashed in one second. A splendid sweet sensation to the last bite. I was finger licking in brownie heaven! 

There are recommendations on trying the milk tea and more brownies. I heard the shop has dessert buffet (sounds great!) but didn't notice any poster when I was there.  

Pinky's Sweets, Light Bites and Tea
location: Real Street, across GSIS, Dumaguete City 
contact number: (035) 420 5023

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