Tuesday, January 1, 2013

lingganay sa Mabinay: a Christmas festival of lights

A night drive is never complete without cameo appearances from suicidal cats, frogs, dogs and huge trucks! To add more suspense to the already page-turning drive, the snaking road to Mabinay has neither cat's eye nor street lights. 

Amid all the mud (rain + ongoing road work) and glaring headlamps from oncoming vehicles, I arrived in one piece in Mabinay--a sleepy town in the heartland of Negros Island. Mabinay prides itself as the "cave capital" of Negros by virtue of the number of caves with resplendent stalagmites and stalactites found in town. The other reputation of the town is that it tries to outdo it's town Christmas decor each year.

I was not disappointed. From afar, the town center screamed that it was the season of merriment! Each barangay outshone one another in what appeared to be an annual design competition. What caught my eye was a Christmas tree made of upcycled Sprite plastic bottles. 

Lingganay is a Bisayan word for bell/toll. Looked like the bell tolled for the entry above. I did a quick look on its small night market and took more photos of more decors before I headed to Kabankalan. 

How to get to Mabinay:
Ceres Bus plies the route to and from Mabinay via Kabankalan 60.6 km. (or Bacolod 145.2 km.) or Dumaguete 87 km. northwest (via Bais 29 km.).  

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