Monday, January 28, 2013

now hiring | English as a Second or Foreign Language (ESL/EFL) teachers


We are looking for creative *spirits who are passionate to teach, to eat (we provide free lunches, yes. and carpool from Dumaguete to Valencia v.v.) and to travel:

full-time ESL/EFL teachers. QUALIFICATIONS: College graduate, above-average oral and written English communication skills, team-player, results-oriented and creative. Experience in a multicultural environment is a plus. Perks include free lunch + domestic trips. Entry level compensation is Php11,500/month. Kindly email your resume with cover letter to mykalikasan(at)gmail(dot)com ASAP. Previous applicants need not apply.

And by spirit, we mean animated in the delivery of lessons, fashionably sensitive with the curiosity of a child and cultured with a great sense of adventure! :)

campus address |
Kalikasan Education Center |Gandhi School Philippines 
Bong-ao, Valencia, Oriental Negros, Philippines
contact telephone numbers: (035) 423.8128 and (035) 423.8206 


  1. waaaahhh!!! i missed the deadline. boohoo :( i would have been a great teacher :P

  2. It was not uncommon to find such people runningschools in their mother tongue. As time went by and the country started blending, such people had to bring in English for instruction in school

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