Friday, February 1, 2013

cheap flights to Batanes beginning this summer!

Batanes is another country. They do things quiet differently there. The locals are kinder. The view is unlike any you've seen in the Philippines!

Chavayan Village is one of the few places that I still fall madly inlove with--rugged cliffs, rolling hills, rows and rows of stone houses with thatched roof. In mainland Batanes, there's Honesty Store, Fundacion Pacita Abad, Marlboro Country, Valugan Beach and the lighthouses of Basco. An expensive love affair! The only way to get there is by airplane. One way Round-trip regular fare to Batanes costs P12,000.00 for the 45-minute Manila to Basco flight. The prohibitive airfare tickets make the island sound more exotic than it already is.

But travel blogger Melo of reports that according to his source, beginning summer this year, Airphil Express will fly to Basco, Batanes 3 times weekly! Now, my happy place is an affordable tumbling away!


  1. weeh! that's good news! been wanting to visit batanes!

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