Sunday, February 10, 2013

the most stylish cabin crew in Asia Pacific

I check-in 4 hours before my flight whenever I am in Singapore's Changi Airport or Hongkong International Airport for a delightful and odd reason: to people watch. Nothing short of spectacular in two of the world's most modern (and busiest) airports. I can sit at these airports for the whole day and still enjoy it!

top: cabin crew of Philippine Airlines and Asiana. bottom: Korean Air and Singapore Airlines

By far, the cabin and flight crew of Singapore Airlines top in my list as the most admirable breed. Regal in the way they carry themselves. The prettiest would have to be from Asiana and the best in-flight service I've experienced so far was in Philippine Airlines--from retired flight attendants: there was a super typhoon brewing somewhere that time and flight schedule went crazy. Our plane to Bangkok was already at the tarmac but the assigned crew were stranded somewhere. After waiting for 6 hours, we took off. The women FAs looked rather mature (in their 50s or could be older) but the way they served was fit for royalty! Graceful in the way they moved in the galley, the way they distributed the headseats to the way they bent to pick up something to the way they poured tea to my cup. The smiles were warm and genuine. What about the most stylish?

Skyscanner conducted a survey and here's what they found out: Top 10 Most Stylish Cabin Crew in Asia Pacific

Ranking Top 10 Base Score out of 5
1 China Eastern Airlines China 4.15
2 Asiana Airlines Korea 4.14
3 Virgin Australia Australia 4.03
4 Air China China 4.00
5 China Southern Airlines China 3.98
6 Air Asia Malaysia 3.83
7 Singapore Airlines Singapore 3.78
8 Korean Air Korea 3.78
9 Philippine Airlines Philippines 3.76
10 Jeju Air Korea 3.63

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