Tuesday, April 2, 2013

8 things to do in Siquijor during Holy Week

I'll jump straight to the point. Siqujor Island, known to many as mystical and creepy, is by far the best island to chill during the Holy Week.

By virtue of its reputation, many local tourists would avoid visiting the island this time of the year. When one mentions Siquijor, the images of cauldron, boiling water, witches and voodoo always precede its white-sandy beaches with swaying palms, kind people and rich history.

Here are 8 of the many things one can do in Siquijor during the Holy Week (or in any given day for that matter).

1. Catch Siquijor's Stunning Sunset  

 tip: the best spot to see the dramatic sunset is in San Juan town. for the hopeless romantic, a dinner at the terrace in Villa Marmarine in Siquijor town is always a hit. for the cheapskate, the area behind San Juan Elementary School is perfect for pitching a tent!

2. Chill at the Beach

Siquijor has long stretches of deserted white-sand beaches in San Juan and Siquijor town. It's always a delight to see first-time visitors gawk at the sight of the clear water and talcum-fine beach as they set foot in the gangplank at the pier, even before they could step on Siquijor soil!

3. Get a Massage, the divine one

Since Siquijor is already known for the wakwak and the occult, the locals might as well bank on its reputation by organizing a week-long Healing Festival deep in the heart of Mount Bandilaan Natural Park. In so doing, they would demystify its image.Three of the island's well-known group of healers had cottages built for the occasion where tired and weary souls can partake not just the massage but the traditional healing techniques as well. From herbal medicine to Sigbin skin to love potion.

4. Try the Occult

From love potion to palina to ngipon sa liti to the skin of the mythical creature called Sigbin! 

5. See the Churches 

tip: the church at Lazi is one of the few remaining Spanish colonial churches which has retained its wooden flooring. the huge convent across the street is worth seeing as well.

6. Jump in the Waterfalls!

After the church and convent sightseeing in Lazi, head out Cambughanay waterfalls a few kilometers away. Don't just take a dip, jump in!    

7. Explore the Forest. Take the Scenic Drive!

I was pleasantly surprised to see that most of the roads in the island are already well-paved! Mount Bandilaan Natural Park, the highest peak in the island, can be accessed from any town. It is home to a teeming wildlife and for the adventurous, there's Cantabon Cave waiting to be explored. 

8. More Chill Time at the Beach

 Welcome to paradise! Bring in the good vibes and clip in the bad behavior.


  1. and now i miss siquijor much. :(

    1. and siquijor probably misses you, too :)
      happy summer~

  2. JV anong name nang beach/resort yung nasa 3rd pic? TIA

    1. no specific resort, bro. it's in the coastline of San Juan, Siquijor

  3. yung first photo totoo ba yun? Been to Siquijor nung south cebu p assignment ko- gaganda ng mga beaches dyan

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  5. was here last year, holy week! truly a wonderful place. SO relaxing. And the people are the best. :)

  6. indeed. it is still the best place to chill during the holy week.

  7. Hi, great post! I am wondering if during holy week it is a problem to travel on the ferry to Dumaguete. I will be taking a ferry on Saturday, March 26 2016. Also, do you know if it is possible to take a boat from Panglao, Bohol to Siquijor. Thanks and great blog!

  8. The ferry from Siquijor to Dumaguete that is :)


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