Sunday, May 26, 2013

flavors of Sicily close to Dumaguete | Giuseppe Pizzeria and Sicilian Roast

I had the good fortune to attend a Sicilian feast before it opens to the public on June 1st.

Located in an unassuming two-storey affair in the fringes of the National Highway in Dauin 13 kilometers south of Dumaguete, Giuseppe Pizzeria and Sicilian Roast brings to the island the authentic flavors of Italy.

From the road, I was immediately drawn to the open-kitchen layout with firewood piled close to the entryway. Behind the glass curtain, the chefs looked rather busy with no signs of slowing down. Off-center, a wood-fire brick oven kept burning, breaking the monotony of an otherwise speckless, whitewashed wall.

The tastefully designed ventilatore hovering above us fanned out the thick summer air as we entered. We were greeted by the genial Hans Schallenberg (owner of the Dauin franchise. Main resto is in Paseo Saturnina in the upscale Maria Luisa Estate Park in Cebu with branches in Mactan and Panglao Islands). Our table had a nice view of the moon hanging above a spotless sky.

 Wine was flowing and in no time, antipasti was servedInsalata di Salmone - A salad of fresh lettuce greens, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, sliced orange, pomelo and slices of marinated salmon! The taste of the sea in the strips of salmon was for me a good match to the hint of the tropics in the pomelo chunk. The dressing was not overpowering, leaning to the sweet side. Just perfect. I loved the grapes too, in exchange of fresh olives in the dish.

And of course, the east-west Giuseppe sensation: the mango-wrapped proscuitto!

Meanwhile, the wine flowed, the conversation became more animated and the laughter more boisterous.  Everybody was in high-spirits (pun intended).

After the delectable tomato-based shrimp soup (on the briny side) with a crisp German pretzel was cleared, the third course in two different flavors arrived: Scrumptious Quattro Formaggi - Four Cheese Pizza | Ricotta, Mozzarella, Gorgonzola picante and Parmigiano Riggiano or Parmesan. The taste of gorgozola was well-defined! Heaven for cheese lovers! By far, the best Quattro Formaggi pizza in town! Made me totally forget about the bad Quattro Formaggi experience we had at a golf club north of the city. 

Gregorio Pizza - Three types of sausages, smoked ham and Mozzarella topped with delicious Parma ham. I am partial to any food with toppings with the delicious hint of wood. This pizza, has become my new favorite!

Then, the main course arrived, and again, in two separate flavors: Roast Pork Risotto and Slow-roast Salmon  Risotto! Nirvana! The roast pork was tender. The salmon was succulent. What more could I ask for?

With the kind of food that was served, it was difficult to stick to my plan of becoming a pescatarian. For now, I will just limit myself to eating white meat. The roast pork looked white when cooked. So, I ate it. :))

 Many thanks to George Bender (aka Mr. Bond :) and my effervescent boss Tata Stack for the invitation. Little did I know that the delectable piece of biscotti the colleagues and I had earlier that day was a sign of la dolce vita to come!

Giuseppe Italian Restaurant and Sicilian Roast  
Inn Km. 13.5, South National Highway, Dauin, Negros Oriental 

*photos without watermarks are courtesy of Giuseppe Pizzeria and Sicilian Roast


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  2. wow. Its a tourist spot in itself! looks really yummy!


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