Sunday, July 7, 2013

fear of flying

In this time and age when the words aviation, Glide Path navigation system or beacon and safety record can go together in one sentence, I am no longer as sh*t scared flying. Unlike ten years ago when I'd grip stiff my armrest with my cold hands, each time the plane taxies the runway to take off and during the final descent before touchdown.

I've read somewhere that there are only two critical parts in flying: take off and touchdown. Statistics would reveal that most accidents happen during these procedures. So, I'd pray the hardest during take off and landing especially during stormy weather. Especially in a backwater airport where Glide Path or beacon is unheard of.

When I heard about Glide Path--(it is to landing as autopilot is to cruising) the device used by pilots to land swiftly, safely and easily, I felt relieved. With the invention of this device, it's highly unlikely accidents will happen especially in international airports.

Then the news of Asiana flight 214 that crashed in SFO. It will take months to get a conclusive report on the cause of the accident that left 2 dead and 181 hurt. I don't know, my fear of flying just kick in again! And by the looks of it, this will stay a little longer.


  1. Yeah, me too. I've always been afraid of flying. And news like this does make the fear real again.

    1. bad timing since it's rainy season. adding insult during rainy weather are turbulence, zero visibility and slippery runway. *sigh*

  2. As they say statistically speaking (1:11 million in a plane vs 1:5,000 in a car), one could die more from a car crash done a plane crash - hmmm...I might as well walk to the airport haha!

  3. My kumpadre overcomes his fear of flying by drinking before and during the flight LOL.


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