Monday, January 13, 2014

Bohol wiping off the dust

Since the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that jolted Bohol two months ago, tourism had been slow and sleepy. I drove around Bohol for the most part of December and saw for myself how the devastation pulverized most of the heritage sites and left locals (whose livelihood rely mainly on tourism) fall on hard times.

Alburquerque Church, Alburquerque, Bohol | iPhone photo by RV ESCATRON
Based on what I saw from Northern to Interior Bohol, I reckoned that it might take some time before Bohol can wipe off the dust and stand on its happy feet again.

On the last couple of days before I left for Cebu, I drove around Panglao and discovered that the verve there was different. Like a foreign country. It was a relief to see that foreign tourists were all over the place--sunbathing, driving around in motorcycles, partying. Life goes on!

all MS Europa 2's photos lifted from the internet
Over the weekend, a high-end luxury cruise ship from Europe docked in Tagbilaran. It carried 282 holidaymakers mostly from Germany and Great Britain. According to news reports, 90 per cent of the guests took the countryside tours to Chocolate Hills, Loboc and Abatan Rivers.

The luxury liner is Happag Llyod's MS Europa 2. Tagbilaran is MS Europa 2's last port of call in the Philippines before it sails to Brunei Darussalam. The ship came from Hundred Islands, Manila and Boracay in the Philippines. The same cruise ship (which can accommodate 460 guests; with European and Filipino crew members) will be back in Tagbilaran next month.


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