Sunday, March 30, 2014

my hot date

In the middle of nowhere, at the foot of an ancient volcano..

..there's an abandoned hot spring resort with water temperature rising between 38 to 40 degrees. Some locals have no idea where it is. The signage doesn't help either (what is left of it from the national highway is just the metal frame). The way is rough and dusty with patches of concrete road in between. Getting there is already half of the adventure.

After wading through the lukewarm river, the abandoned facilities beckon. The moss has thickened and rust seems to take over. 

I was here a year ago. Nothing has changed. Still abandoned. No other people in sight.

Pay homage to nature! #skinnydipping 

location: Baslay Hot Spring, Dauin, Oriental Negros 


  1. Why isn't anyone taking care of this? :(

    1. i asked the locals who were around when i visited and they all said it's been like that after sendong. they said the mayor has no budget daw. i hope they will do something. such a waste of a natural attraction :(


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