Thursday, March 27, 2014

What to do in Boracay? Eat. Play. Love.

Where to begin in the world's best beach? 

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You arrive at lunch time and with a couple of hours to burn before check-in, you inform the front desk that you will be back at two when the bed is ready. You endorse your backpack for storage, put on your wayfarers and off you go barefoot to the White Beach.

The beachfront is already filled with half-naked people halfway through their lunch. You fancy an Italian meal so you head out to D'Mall and happy to find Aria. You order a glass of white wine and pasta con gamberetti e zucchini. While waiting, you fish out your book and phone from your sling bag, flip to where the dog ear is and put on your earphones.

After you wipe out the last morsel of bread on your plate, you linger for a few minutes. You've seen the most number of well-sculpted bodies in one place and nudge yourself to go back to the gym after this trip. Then a couple, each nursing from a mineral water bottle thick with color, passes by. Jonah's fruit shake! without skipping a beat, you walk a few meters and get the buko-flavor. A local approaches you and offers you island-hopping package tour for tomorrow. You smile and shake your head. He walks away.

Late in the afternoon you meet other travelers lounging in the common area. Like you, they just arrive too. You overheard one of them mentions couchsurfing and the conversation soon becomes more kindred.

You are now on your fourth bottle of beer with the talcum-fine sand on your feet and the most stunning sunset before your eyes. The parasailers that dot the horizon earlier are all gone. Your new friends invite you for a dip but the guard calls your attention. Bringing of drinks in the water is not allowed he said. You all oblige then leave the half-empty bottles on the sand and swim in the crystal clear water. The paraws swiftly sail on the millpond flat water. In shadow and light, you can make out couples seated on the net spread out on both outrigger beams of the paraws.

At sundown, after dinner, you all get ready for Boracay Pub Crawl. The island transforms into a frenzy. The pulsating energy at Red Coconut rubs off on you. Between now and sunrise, as they say, what happens in Boracay stays in Boracay. You silently agree.   

After a bad hangover for two days in a row, all you want is a quieter Boracay. Bulabog Beach is an option. You love the idea of kite surfing but you soon find out that you need to cough out half of your whole budget for this trip so you ditch the plan. Earlier, you've seen a bike rental shop along the main road just across D'Mall and decide to pedal to your best spot in the island--Puka Beach. Puka Beach has earned the buzzword as the Boracay in the 70s. Not a resort in sight. Just you, the beach and the occasional tourists.

There is still a spot quieter than this. A secluded white beach embraced by a cove. So you hit the road again and turn left at the forked road. Then you find it. Exactly the same as you imagine it.

You are happy to be back.

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