Tuesday, April 1, 2014

crossFit in Dumaguete

For the uninitiated, crossFit is a fitness program. But unlike any fitness program, a crossFit gym has no treadmill, no fitness machines.

A quote written in chalk just below the different routines read "We don't use machines. We make our own." In the last three sessions that I attended (save for some pilates equipment that I saw), gym rats have been using ropes, old tractor tires and improvised stairs among others.

I first heard about a similar strength and conditioning program two years ago in Epic Performance and Fitness Solutions in Cebu. The rate was rather hefty so I stuck to my yogalates and membership in Holiday Gym. A few weeks ago, the local paper Dumaguete MetroPost published an article about a newly opened gym called crossFit. I got curious and paid P100 for a session as a walk-in guest.   

The first session was all about assessment. After a few rounds of jogging, I was asked to do the plank, then step-up on an improvised ladder then a routine with the rope. I almost passed out. Two days later, I had the worst delayed muscle onset soreness that went on for 3 days! On my second session, I brought with me my Outdoor Education students for conditioning in preparation for our hiking and climbing trip. The third session was the most intense by far. It focused on the legs and core muscles. I did step-up on a tire for one thousand times! Then a lot of floor routines like crawl and mountainer's climb among others. That was good sweat! The fourth session was more on team exercises using bar, tractor tire and weights. All these in a military training vibe with a happy mix of people.

What I like about crossFit is its unpredictability. I was dead bored with the routines at World Fitness so I quit. It's too early to tell but it appears that my mind and body have been very receptive to all the pleasant surprises in every session.

CrossFit Dumaguete
Erco Sports Center, YMCA Compound,
Dumaguete City
contact number:  09278139280

gym schedule: Mondays thru Saturdays from 6:00-12:00PM; 3:00-8:00PM
rates: walk-in Php100/session; members Php 1,000/month plus Php200 one-time membership fee

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  1. I'm new to CrossFit just around a few months... Is CrossFit Dumaguete an affiliate box and do they have certified crossfit coaches... If not then calling it crossfit is a BIG NO...


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