Saturday, May 31, 2014

horror in Siquijor

What would you do of this one greeted you in the middle of the road, in the middle of nowhere while driving around Siquijor! a. run away   b. pick it up and bring it home   c. make a U turn   d. scream and faint

From afar, it looked like a cat that was ran over by a vehicle. When I looked closer, it was a doll--broken and dirty all over with a pair of penetrating blue eyes that seemed to follow me. (Aren't doll's eyes supposed to be closed when they lie down?) I picked it up and placed it inside my bag. NOT! I was scared sh*t. I only managed to take some photos and drove 100kph after!

The incident was after I had an ika sumi or squid ink pasta for lunch in Villa Marmarine which was really, really good. Good also I saw the doll after the meal otherwise my appetite would have gone to limbo.

I drove passed the guesthouse where I was billeted and found this along the road:

Where the mananambal sold this:

An adventure is Siquijor couldn't get any better than this:

Is there black magic in Siquijor? Find it out yourself.


  1. great shot. makes me think if that doll moves around at night.


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