Saturday, May 31, 2014

love at first sight: Cresta de Gallo Island, Romblon

21 hours (one way) to get to this jewel of the Visayan sea! With this beauty, should be all worth it!

No crowd at all. And reports of shark sighting add to its element of adventure!

Can be reached from Batangas, Caticlan or Roxas City. But based on initial reports, it's not so easy to get to this paradise! According to photographer Oliver Bautista (whose flickr site I lifted all these photos from):
"Two hours by bus to Batangas, 14 hours by ferry boat (that only had chairs and a lousy aircon) to Romblon and then to Sibuyan Island, over an hour by jeepney from the pier to the town, and finally 2 hours by rented motorboat. Cresta de Gallo (also called Isla de Gallo) is difficult to reach, but this piece of paradise is well worth the trouble."

 Well, well, well. See you soon Cresta de Gallo Island, Romblon!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your trip to the island...One of the best beaches in the country and as a resident of Sibuyan (Romblon), this our nature jewel aside from the majestic Mt Guiting-Guiting.


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