Saturday, June 28, 2014

7 Must-visit Secret Beaches in Negros

In the island where I am presently based, everydayness is a sugar-fine beach, crystal clear water, blue sky and swaying palm leaves. A trip to a marine reserve means seeing up close sea turtles, reef sharks and giant clams.

When I was still new here, long weekend means hopping on a random yellow bus and if the odds were in my favor--finding deserted beaches along the way.

I have compiled here a list of what I consider as the top 'secret' beaches in Negros Island. It's a list spanning five years and thousand of kilometers (all the rides I took combined). Let's call them 'secret' beaches despite their addresses being out in the open just because 'secret' has a certain ring to it like a secret doorway (that might lead to your own secret beach). It's also the thought bubble that screams 'your own nudist beach' 'swim naked' 

 7 must-visit secret beaches in Negros Island

1.  APO ISLAND, Dauin, Oriental Negros | This speck of an island between Negros mainland and Siquior is a diver's paradise. Chapel Reef is home to a teeming population of sea turtles while the other side of the island has the marine sanctuary. Pockets of secluded beaches hidden by rolling hills and limestone cliffs are scattered around the island. Secret beach: it's near the high school building. Take the cement steps going up and down the hill. Follow the steps until you reach a clearing. Turn right and follow the footpath partly hidden by thick vegetation. The secret beach is at the end of the path.

2. SIPALAY, Negros Occidental| It's a five-kilometer stunning stretch of fine sand right at the edge of a sleepy city. For those seeking for a quieter side of Sipalay, Sugar Beach is the perfect place. Hidden by limestone karst and accessible only via a raft crossing a tidal river or go direct by pumpboat from the city center. Secret beach: In Sugar Beach, if you are facing the sea, walk towards your right and find a cove hidden by limestone cliff. Enjoy skinny dipping!

3.  MANJUYOD SANDBAR, Manjuyod, Oriental Negros| Manjuyod sandbar, the shape of a crescent moon (depending on wind direction and tide) sits in the quietude of the aquamarine Tanon Strait. The long stretch of its sugar-fine white beach is the perfect spot to end the Bais dolphin watching tour. At high tide, what remains are the cottages on stilts which can be rented for the night. Oops! No secrets here! Unless you are the only person renting out one of the cottages in the middle of the sea and then staying there overnight.

4. DAUIN MARINE SANCTUARY, Dauin, Oriental Negros| The beach at Dauin has seen a boom in recent years. Despite the developments, it has remained a quiet beach destination. It has a marine sanctuary that boosts of a variety of underwater species. Sightings of seahorses and sea turtles have been reported in the sanctuary.The best part? Its only a few minutes away from Dumaguete City. No secrets, just 'secret' entrance so you don't have to pay entrance fee. Take the road leading to the marine sanctuary but instead of turning right near the beach and paying the snob manang the entrance fee, go straight until you reach the beach. There. Free entrance to the marine sanctuary!

 5. DANJUGAN ISLAND MARINE RESERVE, Cauayan, Negros Occidental| A deserted island. Secluded beaches perfect for skinny dipping. Clear natural lagoons. Sea to forest with a teeming wildlife like a colony of fruit bats and shiver of baby reef sharks make Danjugan Marine Reserve an ideal tropical getaway for educated and environmentally-conscious travelers. Visitors are limited to 30 only at any given day to maintain low-impact to the environment. Prior booking necessary. My Secret Beach is Tabon Beach. It's a happy marriage between Blue Lagoon and Castaway. I went there for an early morning skinnydipping. For a moment I thought I would stumble upon a soccer ball and call it Wilson.

6. PIGGY BANK, Bayawan City, Negros Oriental|. Surfers from as far as Zamboanga and Bacolod are starting to pick up the local surfing radar that Bayawan has good surfing spots--Piggybank (reef break), Sande's Point (reef break) and Bonawan (sand break). The wave doesn't form a barrel like the ones in Siargao and Guian Islands but it has enough power to get you stoked. Shaka!  

7. CARBIN REEF, Sagay City, Negros Occidental|. Because it's off-the-beaten and in the middle of nowhere, what you will find in any given day is just a group or two beachcombing on its tongue-shaped sandbar. The facilities are sparse and spartan--wooden tables with bamboo benches in makeshift shacks. No restroom. Not a tree in sight. Get the picture? It's perfect for those with Robinson Crusoe-esque persuasions. The number of guests you will share this sandbar with is 70 people max! Sagay City tourism advocates Sustainable and Responsible Tourism, so the management limits the capacity for the safety of the guests and for the environment. With that being said, prior booking is necessary.

courtesy: Sagay Tourism

What did you cross out on the list?


  1. thanks for this list. my personal fave is danjugan island!

    1. Danjugan Island, yes! I love it there! Happy travels~

  2. Hi. Thank you for this! Love the places you picked out. Only managed to cross out Sipalay, Manjuyod and Carbin Reef so I still have some more beach-bumming to do!

    Those places in Bayawan for surfing, are they easily accessible? Or is it advisable to have a local guide?


    1. hi DS, i would recommend you communicate with Narex. he is based in Bayawan and the go-to person whenever me and my group of friends would go surfing there. search Lamis Narex in facebook. i hope you enjoy surfing there as much as we do! cheers!


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  4. There are many wonderful beaches in Negros. Let me add the Manjuyod Sand Bar. I have been there three times.


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