Friday, June 13, 2014

weekend in JPark Resort (formerly Imperial Palace Waterpark Resort & Spa)

Brunch weekend found me in the middle of Cebu's biggest breakfast buffet upon the invitation of JPark Resort.

Japanese, Western, Oriental and Fruits & Nuts buffet stations plus the smell of freshly brewed coffee wafting through the air were more than enough to confuse my senses. In a very good way.

After doing my math: group of bloggers + waterpark + food tasting  = hmmm. a contest that will involve fitness, possibly. So, I filled my plate with a high-energy breakfast of walnuts, almond, raisins, dried pineapple, green mango preserve and fresh papaya juice. Competitive! Hahaha

The press conference started soon after. Then, dish after delectable dish arrived for all of us to, number 1: per request of blogger Libotero, food photo ops. You know when you are in a room full of bloggers, the food has to sit there for 5 minutes for the ceremonial instagram shot by everyone. It was fun nevertheless. Then, the second and the best part: degustation! My personal favorite was the fresh pasta with smoked scallops, olives and truffle oil.

Lunch was at Ching Hai Chinese Restaurant. We were treated with the signature dimsum basket--an assortment of dumplings, noodles and buns. Php1,100 good for two people. I told bloggers Vanilla Housewife and Viajera Cebuana who were seated across me that this is by far one of the best Chinese food I've tasted. The stuffing was fresh you can savor its juice. That the meal, despite being big, ended light as opposed to the heavy and bidli feeling in other dimsum place. 

And sure enough, just what I expected, the afternoon was all about games! To cut the story short, my team (we call our team Team Bangan, pun intended) won in all three games! Yehey! The rest of the afternoon was spent in JPark Resort's piece de resistance--the waterpark! Cebu's biggest!

I'm getting used to 'the life'!

Now, it's time to rest at my quarters at the Royal Suite (Php137,000.00/night)! Meanwhile, Facundo! Have my Lifestyle Villa (with private pool) ready (photo below)!

JPark Resort (tel +63 32 494 5000) is located in Mactan Island, Cebu. 

Waterpark local resident rates: P2,500.00/adult; P1,500/child (5-12 years old). Rates are inclusive of free use of a towel and lunch or dinner buffet at The Abalone Buffet Restaurant or set dinner at Maru Restaurant, Coral Seaside Restaurant, Olive and Ching Hai Chinese Restaurant.


  1. That was a blast, wasn't it? I want a shrimp festival do-over!

  2. i'm already having wet dreams thinking about the succulent shrimp-stuffed dumplings at Ching Hai! hahaha


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