Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Backpacking in Japan| budget for a 7-day trip around (Osaka) Kansai Area

Readers and friends have been asking me how much did I spend for my one-week trip around Kansai-area in Japan last month.

I would tell them that for a country like Japan, a minimum of P5,000.00 per day for food and hostel bed would be safe. So 7 days x P5,000.00 = P35,000.00

It turned out that the actual figure is actually higher than what I initially thought. This after I gathered the receipts and did the math. So, how much did I spend for my 7-day trip in Japan? My updated answer is not less than Php42,474 for fare, hostel and food. Add entrance fees and a little shopping, the total reached six figures! Just kidding.

Here is the computation: 

  • 1-way airfare, Jeju Air Incheon-Osaka promo ticket- 
    • 110,000 won = P4,625.00
  • 4-day unlimited train pass, JR Train Kansai Area pass 
    • Y6,170 = P2,593.29
  • 1-way train, JR Kansai Airport to JR Fukushima Station 
    • Y1,190 = P499.22
  • 2 nights hostel, J Hoppers' Hostel dorm (booked thru hostelworld.com)
    • Y5,600.00 = P2,348.92
  • 2 nights hostel, Hostel Q dorm bed (booked thru agoda.com)
    • P2,410.42
  • 2 nights capsule hotel, Hotel Shin-Imamiya, private pod 
    • Y1,100.00; P1,772.38
  • 1-way rapid train, JR Shin-Imamiya to Kansai Airport 
    • Y1,060.00; P444.61
  • 1-way airfare, Osaka-Manila, Cebu Pacific Air 
    • Y25,801.00= P15,302.00
  • 1-way airfare, Manila-Dumaguete, PAL 
    • P1,979.00
      •  FOOD (estimate) 7 days x 3 meals x 500.00/meal = Php10,500.00 
          • TOTAL Php42,474
The amount does not include museum entrance fees and shopping-pasalubong money yet. I am warning you ahead of time that Uniqlo is a temptation too hard to resist because the price in Uniqlo Japan is cheaper than Uniqlo in Manila.

To save yourself the 100 peso short and so faraway from home drama, it won't hurt if you add Php20,000. 

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