Sunday, December 7, 2014

outward-inward journey II (Cebu en route to Dumaguete)

If Cebu were to have a title on how it shaped a chapter in my life, it would have to be Coming of Age. That's part I. Part II would have to be called Rebirth. 

I spent 8 years in Cebu where I found the best circle of friends whom I still banter and share a good laugh with to this day. We still see each other despite how we are dispersed by geography and work.

I learned years after college that most of them envied my take on life. I was nonchalant about serious personal issues while they all pored their hearts out, sometimes drowning their sorrows with Red Horse while I just listened to what they all had to say. It could be naivete or could be that I shunned dramas like the plague. Either way, a barbeque at Larsian's or Litang's and then Milton's halo-halo afterwards appeared to have solved everything for me.

I recall college life in Cebu with fondness. Night out was in Club Royale (one of the hippest places back then) that always ended up At the Boulevard with buckets of beer until the sun peered in the horizon. Two hours later, we all found ourselves in our first period thesis writing class groggy, reeked of chicos and with bloodshot eyes. That happened a couple of times.

That was the beauty of being a communication arts student. Exact opposite when I was a nursing student two years before that. No more formulas and theories to memorize. No more serious study groups. No more burning of midnight candles. I just submitted buttery essays for most majors and I was good to go. In short, it was a no brainer course to those who devoured anything printed and to those who had a knack for something that has cinematic value. I enjoyed reading and watching Emmy worthy tv shows, so passing all my subjects was just a breeze. Well, except for the required units in typing and basic math. Those were hell! The typewriter and eye patch were brim stones in disguise.

*to be continued

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