Saturday, May 31, 2014

horror in Siquijor

What would you do of this one greeted you in the middle of the road, in the middle of nowhere while driving around Siquijor! a. run away   b. pick it up and bring it home   c. make a U turn   d. scream and faint

From afar, it looked like a cat that was ran over by a vehicle. When I looked closer, it was a doll--broken and dirty all over with a pair of penetrating blue eyes that seemed to follow me. (Aren't doll's eyes supposed to be closed when they lie down?) I picked it up and placed it inside my bag. NOT! I was scared sh*t. I only managed to take some photos and drove 100kph after!

The incident was after I had an ika sumi or squid ink pasta for lunch in Villa Marmarine which was really, really good. Good also I saw the doll after the meal otherwise my appetite would have gone to limbo.

I drove passed the guesthouse where I was billeted and found this along the road:

Where the mananambal sold this:

An adventure is Siquijor couldn't get any better than this:

Is there black magic in Siquijor? Find it out yourself.

love at first sight: Cresta de Gallo Island, Romblon

21 hours (one way) to get to this jewel of the Visayan sea! With this beauty, should be all worth it!

No crowd at all. And reports of shark sighting add to its element of adventure!

Can be reached from Batangas, Caticlan or Roxas City. But based on initial reports, it's not so easy to get to this paradise! According to photographer Oliver Bautista (whose flickr site I lifted all these photos from):
"Two hours by bus to Batangas, 14 hours by ferry boat (that only had chairs and a lousy aircon) to Romblon and then to Sibuyan Island, over an hour by jeepney from the pier to the town, and finally 2 hours by rented motorboat. Cresta de Gallo (also called Isla de Gallo) is difficult to reach, but this piece of paradise is well worth the trouble."

Teves Mansion Open House

It's one of the two houses along Rizal Boulevard in Dumaguete that has got my curiosity. The first one being the Teves-Sagarbarria House which is now open to the public as Sans Rival Bistro.

For many years, I've been wondering what's inside this three-storey Spanish-Mediterranean house beside Bethel. Must be its grand design veiled under a mysterious air--quiet, old and beautiful but left to the elements. If I'm not mistaken, I saw once an old man on wheelchair on its unkempt yard. 

I saved the date after I read in a poster that the said house would be open to the public. I went during the second day and this note posted on the main door greeted me:

The staff manning a booth near the main door said it might reopen in August to coincide with Silliman's Foundation Day. I hope that by the time it reopens it will be reincarnated as an art gallery-restobar or a boutique hotel.

At the moment, it is marketed as Ever Mall by the Boulevard replete with banderitas, intrusive music and booths with tacky products.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Carbin Reef (Sagay Marine Reserve)

Carbin Reef is off the radar.

photo courtesy: Sagay City Tourism

Because it's off-the-beaten and in the middle of nowhere, what you will find in any given day is just a group or two beachcombing on its tongue-shaped sandbar. The day I was there, two groups of locals leisurely spent the quiet and scorching afternoon wading by the edge of the beach. The facilities are sparse and spartan--wooden tables with bamboo benches in makeshift shacks. No restroom. Not a tree in sight. Get the picture? It's perfect for those with Robinson Crusoe-esque persuasions.