Sunday, March 22, 2015

A Filipino backpacker in Seoul, South Korea

It's been an amazing 2-week mega city experience in Seoul!

Time to move to the equally amazing Korean countryside. Seoul Capital Area (Seoul + Incheon + Bucheon) is now my new favorite mega city. Free wifi practically everywhere, efficient mass transport system, delectable ssamgyupsal meals, well-mannered people and the museums here? They blew the top of my head! 

The downside though is that eating out is not solo traveler friendly so food here leans toward the expensive side and there's no rice in fast food restaurants (hahaha) here so 7 11 and Family Mart (CU) are my refuge for budget rice meals and familiar Korean food in between culinary adventures!

See you on the road!

*all photos during my backpacking trip in Korea and Japan are taken using iPhone5


  1. Ditto on the ssamgyeupsal and makgeolli!

    A coupl'a friends did say Koreans would think it's very sad to see someone eating in a restaurant alone. Haha :P

  2. For someone like me who enjoys the company of friends and being in my lonesome in between, I felt so out of place in Korea when I was in the latter mode. hahaha

  3. wow! It's amazing place to go for trip & I'm really impressed to see this wonderful picture of this place. Thank's for tips. images are very nice. Thank you for this blog post! it's a very useful post. I just got into camping two years ago and absolutely love it. I stayed at Dinosaur campground for two nights the first week of September last year. My experience could not have been more perfect. I went solo with a tent. This year I would like to try Writing. Thank you.
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  4. This place is amazing and lots of beautiful views here.. I'm a backpacker also and planning to travel to Korean. I like your pictures and there are so many wonderful things here in Seoul this place is for those couple backpacker who love to travel in a romantic place. Great post! :)


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