Monday, March 23, 2015

Where to sleep in Seoul for less than P500.00 a night?

After a week of staying in a city outside of Seoul (where my student and his family hosted me in their upscale apartment), it is now time to move to where the action is--Seoul. For my big city fix.

Finding a cheap, safe and centrally located hostel in one of the most expensive cities in the world is a bit of a challenge.

I pick Hongdae Area in central Seoul as my base. The district is considered as budget friendly being a university belt surrounded by affordable shopping, dining and partying venues in Seoul.

My artsy hostel, located in a quiet neighborhood, is clean, convenient and comfortable. Just two blocks from Hongdae Subway Station. But it gets very noisy in the small hours when pissed drunk guests come home, bang the door and switch on the lights. So on my second night, I decide to move to another hostel.

Off I move to Myeongdong! Another shopping district and tourist trap. Based on the reviews in hostelworld, Myeongdong is my second best option. No harm in trying. So, I set my sight on a hostel that offers total privacy. A rarity in hosteling terms. The best part? I had the good fortune of scoring it for P400.00/night. Promo rate! Plus it's a highly rated hostel.

The hostel is centrally located. Just a 3 minute walk from Myeongdong Subway station. My bunk has a curtain for privacy. Inside the bunk is my own flat screen TV, reading light, electric socket, a soft pillow and a nice smelling comforter. Beside my futon, there is a little space for my carry on luggage. The locker where I stored my backpack is located just across my bunk.

The common area has a weighing scale, computers, dining tables and a common kitchen/pantry with toaster, fridge, sink and water station for guests to use. Breakfast which is Shin noodles and toast (self service) is complimentary. Liquid bath soap and shampoo are also complimentary.

If you plan on staying out late, the doors are locked by 10pm and won't be opened until 9am the next day. If you don't want to be locked out, don't forget to ask for the passkey (four digits) to gain entry past 10pm. I failed to ask for the passkey on my first night! Terrible experience. Ask for it because the staff won't give it unless you ask.

This is by far my most favorite hostel in Seoul in terms of privacy, price and cleanliness. During peak season (or if you are a walk in guest during low season), the bunk bed could go as high P1,400.00 per night. The best deal, I must say, is online. Through hostelword or agoda.

Namsan Guesthouse 4
35-2 Namsandong 2(i)-ga (43 Toegye-ro 18-gil),, Myeong-dong /Namsan, Seoul, South Korea 100-042

Word of Caution:
I arrived past lunchtime and was very sure that I found the right hostel. I made research prior to coming and took the cue from the review that there are 4 properties with same name. A reviewer mentioned that for a guest to avoid the same pitfall that she experienced, one must find this so and so landmark and hostel branch number.

When I arrived, after the staff checked the system, he said that I got the wrong property and told me to go to the property up the hill. When I got to the other property, the staff checked the system and told me that my hostel is down the road. I was pissed. 

I returned to the first property and the staff met me with apologies. I was too pissed off because what I was trying to avoid happened.


  1. With its beautiful palaces, great food and a hopping nightlife, Seoul has gained immense popularity as a tourist destination.

  2. Wow. This is a cool hostel.
    You mentioned about getting it at P400 for a promo (?), so what is its standard rate?


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