Saturday, April 11, 2015

8 most expensive resorts and hotels in The Philippines

"If you ask about the price, it means that you can't afford it," goes the tongue in cheek remark I read from the society page of a national daily.

Hotel room rates for this list of The Philippines' most expensive hotels and resorts (arranged in random order) are non issue for the mega rich kind of holiday makers. Probably those who live off through trust funds. Well, some. Especially for number one. Walang yaya's meal dito.

Here's the round up:
 1| Amanpulo Resort in Pamalican Island, Palawan
Average rate per night: US$1,000.00 or Php44,600.00. Peak Season: minimum length of stay is 5 nights with US$9,660 (Php430,908.00) price tag. I can buy 10 tricycles already for a pangkabuhayan showcase with that amount.

While the resort neither deny nor confirmed, high profile guests who have stayed here were Michael Jackson, Julia Roberts, Diana Ross, Robert de Niro and just last week, Bill Gates and his family daw

2| Shangrila Boracay
Cheapest rate per night: US$449.99 or Php20,000.00. Villa Balani US$1,500 or Php70,500.00. A private boat will ferry guests from Caticlan jetty port directly to the resort. I can buy one brand new motorcycle pang habal habal with that amount.

3| Sofitel Philippine Plaza in Manila
Known for its Imperial Residence accommodation which costs a whopping US$8,200.00 or Php368,000.00 a night! The guest list includes Imelda Marcos, Justin Timberlake, Antonio Banderas, Tony Blair, Pavarotti, Al Gore, Hillary Clinton and just last year, US Pres. Barack Obama.

Also best known for its buffet at Spiral.With that amount, I can open the biggest sari sari store in my barrio.

4| Pangulasian Island, Miniloc and Apulit in El Nido, Palawan
Overnight rates starts at US$683.00 or Php30,500.00 to US$829.00 or Php37,000.00 for the pool villa.There is also Miniloc Island Resort where rates range from Php22,000.00 to Php28,000.00. And Apulit Island Resort where rates are between Php20,000 to Php21,500.00. No other option to get food elsewhere. Or else swim 2 hours to mainland. 

5| Discovery Shores Boracay
Rate starts at US$600.00 or Php26,700.00 per night. At least may Mang Inasal at talipapa sa Station 2.

6| Huma Island Resort and Spa in Busuanga, Palawan
Rate starts at US$597.00 or Php26,864.00 per person/night. Half year lunch money din yan sa carenderia.

7| Dedon Island Resort in Siargao
The all inclusive rate (food, drinks, massages, excursions to nearby islands and all equipment) starts at US$522.00 or Php23,265.00 per person per night (double occupancy) to US$983.00 or Php43,812.00 for single occupancy.

Past Hollywood celebrity guests include Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie daw. Again, the resort would not confirm nor deny this information. It's a trap. All inclusive, eh.

8 | Balesin Island in Mauban, Quezon
To those who have been curious about Balesin after the yaya's meal trending topic in social media: Balesin Island is an exclusive membership club where membership fee begins at Php3,000,000.00. Yes. Six zeroes! 3 Million pesos! That excludes monthly dues. At walaeng monobloc extension, student at senior citizen discounts sa 25 minutes plane ride.

What resort is missing on the list?


  1. So pang chipipay pala yung Sumilon, Pearl Farm, Bellarocca? :D

    I was lusting over Dedon Island before, because I've never been to Siargao but I don't have 522- or even half of that--- ok ok, a quarter. I peak at 80$ or forget it, I'm walking.

    This was a cute list, and shows us how rich people exist in a bubble. :(

    1. Sumilon, Pearl Farm and Bellaroca have a charm of their own :D

      Maybe Dedon has a promo during the lean season. Like 80 per cent off. hihihi
      Indeed. Shows the widening socioeconomic gap in the country...

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